Reproducibly report statistics

Conduct analyses in R and use tidystats to report statistics in popular text editors.

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What is tidystats?

tidystats is a software solution designed to help researchers report the output of statistical analyses. It consists of an R package whose main function is to gather the statistics from statistical analyses and an Office add-in to reproducibly report statistics in Microsoft Word.

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R package

The tidystats R package is available on CRAN. Install the package by running install.packages("tidystats") in R. For more information about the package, including documentation for the functions and tutorials on how to use tidystats, click the button below.

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Supported R packages

  • afex
  • BayesFactor
  • effectsize
  • effsize
  • emmeans
  • Hmisc
  • irr
  • lme4
  • lmerTest
  • tidystats
  • stats
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Microsoft Word add-in

The tidystats Word add-in is available in the Office Add-in store. You can find this store in the Insert tab of your Word document. Once installed, you will be able to add statistics to your document using the file created with the tidystats R package.


  • APA-style reporting
  • Insert tables
  • Automatic updating
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Google Docs add-in

The tidystats Google Docs add-in is currently in development. You can find this add-in on the GitHub page and install it to test out the add-in. Soon it will be made available in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

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Check out the FAQ and tips sections for frequently asked questions and tips for how to use tidystats. If you need any additional support, feel free to contact me via X or e-mail.

If you would like to support tidystats, you can cite the software in your work.